3 Positives Of Being Organised And Living Clutter-Free

From a cozy nap, a quick bite, staring at the fan (YES) to watching something online… don’t you just love taking a good break. No matter what qualifies for a break for you, it’s meant to calm you and keep you relaxed. Similarly, organizing and de-cluttering can be a great break or an activity, with results that prove beneficial in many ways. So let’s begin by finding out how…

Instant results: First and foremost, organizing brings about an instant result. Picture yourself looking at your messy dresser or a bookshelf for that matter, which screams ‘clutter’. Now, if you take out just 10-15 minutes between your daily activities to organize the same, trust me the result will make you feel great. What you do in your free time is what you get to see, and the spontaneity of the activity makes it a great stress-buster. You can get ideas online (Pinterest is a savior) and apply the same in your required space, closet, etc. I am certain that you will feel lazy, drowsy and pointless in the beginning, but the instant result or a cleared and organized space will make your break-time a creative and result-oriented one.

Mess outside=mess inside: This equation has worked beautifully for me. My family thinks it’s a result of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) (but I feel that’s a graver problem and I am not quite there yet). I simply feel that a clutter-free space, following your to-do list, organizing your handbag, clearing your wardrobe and similar decluttering activities help you stay sorted on the inside too. I feel content when I know where my things are or see a clean area in my daily space; I feel relaxed and can easily concentrate on other things with a free mind. A mess is good too, at times, but not to the point that it troubles you and your routine. If you like walking into a messy area and feel good about it, great. But if it bothers you and you just don’t want to do anything about it, get cleaning! Trust me it’ll help you clear your head.

Change is always good: You can while away your time binge-watching and hurting your eyes or you can simply clean your wardrobe (which is also a pain to your eyes every morning you try and find something to wear). Organizing and decluttering are not habits of cleanliness freaks alone, but simple ways to keep your mind in peace and make you happy. Isn’t it easy to spend an hour or more cleaning your wardrobe, than think about it and do nothing? Returning home to a clean bed, easily finding things in your bag, not wasting hours trying to find your office documents and so on…Change your habits and the change will be good for you.

So if you’ve wasted another weekend doing less and thinking more, try out the above and feel good about what you do. While you get rid of the mess outside, it’s only going to make you happy on the inside!

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