5 Ways To Stop Being Lazy!

There is something inexplicably satisfying about being lazy— a state that helps you save your energy, greet random thoughts and enjoy idleness, uninterrupted. Ah! However, as you sit around whiling away your time, there are things that are constantly being postponed or affected as you cherish this very state. It may not bother you now, but it will eventually. So what’s the next best move? Getting up and getting rid of your lazy self! Here are 5 tried-and-tested ways that will surely give your lazy day a fruitful outcome.

Move with some music: Whether it’s the Monday blues or the result of being perpetually lazy, music works best for a lazy you. Set your morning alarm to a peppy song that gets you excited to wake up and move around. Snooze is a great option for the everyday 2-5 minutes of extra sleep (which is never the case) but you must respond to the music by getting out of bed at once. Your bed is sure to attract you with all the drowsiness again, but you can escape this by quickly switching on to your playlist and allowing the music or a podcast to work its magic. This is a great way to distract your mind and can boost your mood to give your day an active start!

Mixed bag of tasks: Being lazy often arises from one’s inability to stick to one thing— you intend to start something with gusto but soon get bored or feel uninterested. Your mind is distracted enough and hops on to another task in the middle of an ongoing one, and as the cycle continues, you end up doing nothing after all. This happens when your goals are too big and your spirit is low. Well, it’s good to make a To-Do list here but make sure you keep it exciting. The minute you look at it, you must feel like moving from one task to the next gradually. Give yourself time to relax, workout and socialize in between your daily routine. Set fun and light tasks for times you feel most lazy during the day so that you are constantly doing something. Soon, you’ll want to quickly complete the boring tasks to move on to the fun ones rather than being lazy and not doing them at all.

Break the monotony: Another common reason for being lazy is following the same routine. You know what is to happen next, you tend to overthink and delay it and end up doing nothing or very little. Resolve this by changing your routine as need be, and add something fun each time. You cannot erase what is to be done completely, but you can find new ways of doing the same and squeeze other fun stuff in between. Like for example, if you feel lazy going to work, college etc. every morning, ask a friend who takes the same route to accompany you. The excitement of seeing someone you enjoy meeting will simplify the process and make it fun too. If you have been acting lazy to finish reading a book, try and sit in a different spot or go outdoors to finish the same. Change of space, methodology and routine helps break the monotony that makes you lazy.

Analyze and balance: So in doing all of this, how do you keep yourself away from the distractions that make you lethargic all over again? Umm… like your cozy bed that calls out to you, an online streaming app waiting with a list for you to binge watch or that chair you share your idleness with. It’s simple. You need to first identify what holds you back; know the reason and only then can you function well. Don’t make an attempt to let go of these distractions at once. It won’t work! Rather, add these to your daily list and accommodate it with all that you set out to do. This way, everything will have its own time slot and you can keep a track how much time you’ve spent on each activity and analyze the result that follows. Focus on balance and work distractions to your advantage.

Pat on the back: Rather than blaming yourself for your lazy state or feeling guilty about wasting time and not getting anything done, give yourself credit for even the minutest work done. Things don’t turn around in a single day. While you are at it and are following the above, make sure you appreciate all that you do with each day. If in the first week you’ve only managed to complete 3 out of 10 tasks, don’t sulk. Set a new target for the next week and you will notice a change by the weeks that follow.

Don’t burden yourself with what is not done; look at what’s done and work out ways to keep at it. Reward yourself, enjoy what you do, keep some cheat days, and give your lazy self a good break!

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