Live A Little Selfishly!

Over the years, I have accepted a lot that life has taught me, and as I put that into practice, there are only positives that I can see. Let me share with you some life lessons that have added happiness to my life.

It’s okay to be selfish: There was a time when I just couldn’t say no. Not that much has changed now, but things are in progress and trust me it feels GREAT! But I’ve had to pay the price for being thoughtful and it’s made me realize one simple thing ⁠— very few people remember your presence in their lives, considering the times when you’ve stood by them. Once you identify these people, stick to them and eliminate those who do not value your selflessness. No point spending your time and energy in the business of those who move on and don’t look back to even consider what you’ve done. It’s okay to be selfish and say NO. You cannot please everyone and you shouldn’t even try doing so. No matter how honest your intention is, not everyone gets it. If your actions make you feel small and stupid at the end of the day, don’t do it the next time. Don’t let people use your kindness to their advantage. A pinch of selfishness will only make your recipe for life taste better. Be kind but not at the expense of your happiness and self-respect.

It’s okay to let go: You cannot hold on to things in life, especially those that disturb your peace. Whether it’s a bad relationship or an unhealthy friendship, when it’s clear it’s not working out or doing you any good, let go. Erase emotional dependency and learn to identify and answer your problems. Let go of habits and people that hold you back.

Ignore the ‘others’: Your life is your own and it’s entirely up to you how you wish to live it. What the so-called ‘others’ say or think about you should never cross your mind. People will have opinions but that shouldn’t affect what you feel. If you believe in something go for it. As you grow in life you will realize the difference between good advice, criticism and random opinions. You have to reject the latter and progress with the positives attached to your life. Don’t think what others think about you, it’s their prerogative. You just live your life with those who matter to you.


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