It’s Time For Self-Love!

A couple of days back, whiling away my time, I revisited my childhood. Soon after, I was in my early teens, college and work-life, coming right to the present. I was trying to keep a tab of how much I have changed over the years, things I need to get back into my current life and assessing how I used to be. From recounting promises of everlasting friendships, newfound love/s to memories of all sorts, I realized something had begun to fade over the years.


While it’s self-explanatory, self-love, according to me, is first respecting who you are, believing in yourself and most importantly loving yourself and simply taking care of your well-being. As we grow, we often forget about ourselves in trying to keep pace with everything around us. Life is a process, that follows one thing after another, and you are a part of it too. So why sideline yourself and focus on everything else, but you? Well, not going deep into what was and what should be, here are ways I plan to incorporate in my life, starting now. If you happen to relate to it, join me in making self love a natural process.


Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay


Do what you love: Give yourself more credit for the roles you play in your daily life. And as you do so, take time out and indulge in something you love doing. Right from painting a pot, cooking something you love to eat, taking a trip (solo or with anyone you feel like), going for a run or sitting idle… don’t let anything and anyone stop you. Taking out time for everything else will continue but you may miss out on things YOU love doing. So take a break, a well-deserved one and go do what you love and makes you happy.

Remember, with self-love, there should be no guilt attached… just pure love and care for yourself. One life, give yourself all the attention you deserve.

Pamper yourself: Heading to the parlor in between your tight schedule to compete with others at a party is not what I am talking about. But yes, sipping your favorite drink while bathing in the sun, sleeping in a cozy bed for the number of hours you wish to (with thoughts of sheer comfort) to going for a spa or a beauty session because YOU want to, is exactly what I mean here. Pamper yourself the way you want. Go fancy if you wish or enjoy the simple ways… whatever makes your heart happy and relaxes you at the end of the day.

Appreciate yourself, a lot more: Since I am a woman writing this, there may be tones of a heart-to-heart girl session here. But hey, no matter what gender you are, you deserve appreciation, right? Whether you are someone working your ass off at work, someone making the best of life for your loved ones, living up to your parents’ expectations or struggling each day to support your family, appreciate yourself. Don’t wait for someone to pat your back each time. You must know your value and feel good about what you do, big or small. Life, often makes you dependent on others for their approval. Just the way you take charge of your work, your life and that of others connected to you, take charge of your emotions and respect yourself. Success or failure is secondary. Appreciate your efforts and yourself first.

Just like me, you too must have come across people who ensure these simple things are a constant in their lives. So where did you and I go wrong? Well, we procrastinate, take things for granted (ourselves mostly) and try to fit things into our lives, whereas, it should come naturally to us. So let’s stop here and make a start keeping ‘I, me and myself’ in mind. Remember, with self-love, there should be no guilt attached… just pure love and care for yourself. One life, give yourself all the attention you deserve.

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