In 2020, I Will…

2020 is finally here, and I feel great already. A week has gone by, and this time around, I seem to be on the right track. But there is a lot to achieve this year, and I hope to move ahead with the same enthusiasm. And as I progress, there are a set of goals I am determined to achieve this year.

2020 for me, is going to be a year of transformation and self-belief. I want to bring out the best in me, so let’s see how successful it’ll turn out.

Here are my goals for the year.

Focus on Fitness

Lookout, a fitter me is on the way! My lifestyle choices have been crazy over the years. And you know what the worst part is? I am aware of what is good and bad for me, yet I am making little effort. Eating right, working out, being active, and having a positive mind is what I want for myself this year. I shall blog more on this, so stay tuned.

Think Less, Do More

I am done wasting time in finding answers to questions like ‘How will I do this?’, ‘What if I fail?’, ‘Why am I doing this?’ and all the endless questions leading to self- doubt. This year is going to be about doing more, no overthinking, and ensuring that all actions lead to desired results. Let’s rule the year with self-belief and a positive mind.

Read, a Lot More

We are all aware of how good a habit reading is, right? Well, even knowing so, I haven’t been able to give it much time, or just been too lazy about it. So this year I pledge to read a lot. And out of all the things I have in mind for 2020, this is what excites me the most.

Use my phone, as a phone

Our mobile phones have become smarter, leading to multiple ways of use. While having a smartphone is a necessity in present times, how we use it is absolutely under our control. My goal is to limit my usage to calling and texting alone. I wish to step out more and enjoy the breeze rather than waking up to some notification or unlocking it the first thing. Even though I am not glued to my phone all the time, I know I can reduce the use even further. After all, it’s going to be good for my eyes, won’t cause unnecessary headaches, and will allow me to be productive.

Erase Negativity

As I focus on the above goals, this goal should come into effect naturally. I believe that negative people and thoughts only enter your life if you open the doors. In doing what you love and surrounding yourself by your loved ones, you can easily wipe out the negativity that slows down life. So with 2020, my focus is purely on a cheerful, fun-filled, simple, and happy life.

I am not writing this down because that’s what you do at the beginning of every year. I am writing this because this year, I want to make a difference in my life. And rather than keeping it to myself, and forgetting all about it, I have it written here and shall revisit as I tick mark each point.

Here’s to a Happy New Year! May it be the best one yet.



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