5 Tips For Moving To A New City

The idea of finding a new house, moving to a new place and settling in can be daunting⁠—you’ve got to plan, organize, pack and the worst of all, unpack. I won’t judge you if you get lazy during the process, for its natural to feel so. However, just by keeping a few things in mind, you can make your moving experience a lot better than you imagined. Here are a few tried and tested tips that may come in handy.

My New Abode 
When living on rent, there are chances of coming across several issues, that you will only realize once you start living there. So be clear on a few things before you begin the hunt.
1) Know the requirements of the people who will be living with you and your priorities.
2) Set a budget for the rent, making sure it is pocket-friendly and justifies the space and locality.
3) If you have time, then start by looking at ads first, and then reach out to a broker.
4) Take some time out only for house hunting as it will help you make the right decision without any rush.
5) Make sure the landlord is not fussy. Trust me on that!

You have to lock down on one house at a point, and the more you look, the more it will confuse you. If you set the above points straight, things will become easy.

Start Packing
Save yourself the trouble of last-minute packing and going crazy looking at the mess. If you are moving with your family, make sure someone at home is already starting to pack while you look at other arrangements. You can also hire a Packers and Movers Company to do the needful, but please plan it in advance. A week before you move out your stuff, only have your essentials out and the rest stored in the boxes. You may not want to unpack ASAP, so keep a separate box for things you will require instantly in the new house.

Budget Please!
Okay, so you have your rent sorted, but what about the rest? Make way for some added expenses when you move into a new house. If your house is furnished, set aside maintenance costs. If not, then you need to keep a budget for the furniture you will require. Plan it according to the space and start with buying the essentials first.

Travel Time
If you’re moving to a city that has options to commute, don’t buy a new vehicle. However, if you already own one, I suggest you take it along so that you are less dependent on other modes of travel. I know car transfers cost a lot but think of all the money you will end up saving eventually. Skip the process if you are moving to a city where it’s tough to drive and stick to cabs and local commute.

What’s in the Box!
Unpack your boxes one room at a time. This way, you will be able to avoid clutter and know where to keep what. It will help you save time in organizing your house. While unpacking, make a list of extra things you would require for the room. I’d suggest you make a room-wise list so that it is easy to keep a check. This process will also help you plan your budget, as discussed above, and you can shop accordingly.

Shifting to a new city can be a lot more fun than you imagined. Don’t wait to settle down⁠—try and enjoy every aspect of this process.

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