Look Beyond The Generation Gap

Mom, why don’t you understand such a simple thing? 

No, that’s not the way to deal with this problem, Dad. I think we cleared it the last time! 

We often get irritable when it comes to our parents. We expect them to understand things quickly or think as we do. We forget they have grown in a different time, seen different things, and maybe behave in a way that was suitable then. While a couple of things from their times work for us now, some don’t. We may feel that our parents don’t understand simple things or follow as told to them. But why should they? Don’t they have their reasons and beliefs?

Yes, there is a generation gap, but rather than blaming it at all times, we simply need to accept it. 

By accepting that there is a generation gap, we stop expecting immediate results. This acceptance gradually works towards a change, where we begin to understand our parents and vice versa. It also brings about effective communication, for we aren’t listening to respond but to understand.

When we were young and didn’t know much of the world, our parents made sure we learned everything, step-by-step. They may have yelled at us, been strict, or adopted endless ways of parenting, but they did their job. The times have changed, and maybe they couldn’t keep up. So it’s upon us to make sure they grow with us.

As we grow, our parents grow with us

Remember, as we grow, our parents grow with us. We need to teach them new ways, introduce them to changing times, and keep them in line with our growth. But this can only happen if we accept the differences and become patient.

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