5 Ways To Make Your Long-Distance Relationship Work

‘Distance makes the heart grow fonder’ is true in every sense. With love, trust, and the capacity to give each other space in a relationship, distance is no longer a hindrance. If you happen to be in a long-distance relationship and are looking for ways to make it work, this blog should help.

Gain Clarity

As you set foot into a long-distance relationship, make sure you and your partner are clear on why there is a distance in the first place. The geographical distance could be work-related, you belonging to different cities, and so on. Once you are clear on this gap, you will be able to adjust well to the change. It helps when you talk about the challenges, your fears, where you see your relationship going, etc. beforehand. This way, you will be clear about your partner’s expectations and vice versa. Be realistic and on the same page.

Trust and Respect

No relationship is successful without these two aspects. You need to trust your partner and not get paranoid as a result of their physical absence. Lack of trust leads to insecurity and can disturb your relationship. When in doubt, communicate with your partner. Trust your partner enough to understand you. Trust and respect need to happen organically and mutually. Once you are sound here, it will certainly help you overcome the hurdles you face in your long-distance relationship.

Space Please!

Don’t be clingy. If you start thinking too much about the geographical distance, what the other person is doing, thinking, and why aren’t they calling you, and so on, it will drive you crazy. Take time to concentrate on your life and let your partner do the same. Always go back to remembering why you are apart in the first place and what you need to do to finally be together. Make your relationship fun, not one where you control each other. We all need to breathe and enjoy some ‘me’ time, so give yourself and your partner that space.

Balance Time

This is an extension of the point above. When in a long-distance relationship, you are pretty much dependant on the phone — you either make a call, text, or video call to communicate with your partner. It’s great to share little details, send cute texts and stay in touch. But if your partner has had a long day, and you have been waiting to have a rather long chat, understand. It’s okay if you don’t talk every day. You may fix your talking time, but if there is a shift, don’t panic. Make the most of the next opportunity you get. It will be worth it.

Value Your Time Together

Meeting your partner after months? Great! Enjoy the time to the fullest, as that is all that matters. In long-distance relationships, you often make travel plans together, try and take out even a day to meet each other. Now, when you are in that moment, make sure you are in it for good. Don’t sit and crib over how the day will end soon, how you won’t be together for long, and so on. Value the time that you have together and make the best memories.

There is nothing sad about being in a long-distance relationship as it’s all in your head. A long-distance relationship helps you value your partner, builds trust and is great as you get to have your own space, plan out things, become mature, and build a strong relationship. So, don’t let distance be the reason for your breakup. Rather make it the reason that makes your relationship a great one.

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