The Luxury of Making Choices

Flipping through the newspaper, walking down the street, listening to stories, I often notice the struggle people face in their lives. No food, no education, no jobs, umpteen responsibilities, and a life filled with hurdles. Every person’s struggle is different. While they are battling theirs, I am working on mine. Yet, I am blessed, for I have the luxury to make choices. To start all over, and that is something I need to value more.

We cannot compare these struggles, as the situation, and the person in that situation is different. But we can certainly learn from what is happening around us.

By having the luxury of choosing what I mean is that we have options in our lives. The option of choosing from different courses to study, what food we want to eat, what car we wish to buy, and where we want to travel. We can even choose whom to marry, to break up or not, or to live single for life. I see these options as a blessing. Of course, the choice we make determines our life, but at least we are playing a part in it. So aren’t we lucky?

It’s easier said than done, but we can all try and take out a minute each day to count our blessings. It will make a difference. It will help us value what we have a lot more than we normally do, and make us thankful for this life.


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