Balance Your Conversations

We spend a large part of our lives looking for answers to questions that bother us. However, little do we realize that these answers lie within us. It’s just that our mind functions in a way that it needs consolation and reaffirmation. Someone to tell us what we already know.

It’s good to talk to people, especially those who resonate with your thoughts and add meaning to your conversations. It’s good to pour your heart. But it’s not good to get dependent on the same. Today, it’s so easy to pick your phone and call whomsoever you wish to at any given point. You can express through writing, talking, and using any of the available mediums out there. Well, it’s great to improve communication and let your thoughts out, but you also need to draw the line.

You can speak to several people, many of whom will tell you what you already know.

Don’t get dependent on people coming back and telling you the same thing. When you know what you need to work on, the ideal way is to get on with it. Reach out to people, but don’t make it a habit that lowers your self-belief. Reaffirmation is good, especially when it’s from people who matter. But constantly being dependent on other’s words, and not trusting what you know can slow things for you.

Conversations can be never-ending and addictive too. But those long, deep chats don’t need to resolve things for you. And sometimes it works against you. You spend enough time discussing, talking about your problems, but somewhere it drains the energy you need to put to good use. A small problem can turn into something grave when talked about extensively and then one thing leads to another. It’s these conversations and the growing dependency that is actually holding you back.

Words are comforting and we often get carried away in our conversations, sometimes emotional too. We begin to question even what is not required.

Don’t get used to the process where you know what is wrong, but you want someone to tell you. It’s okay sometimes, but in most cases, it only leads to becoming a habit. A habit that isn’t easy to let go. Communicate, express and interact but also balance it out. Reach out when helpless, share your joy, but try and trust yourself more when needed.

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