Taste Your Words Before You Speak

Your words can mean so much. They can bring joy, connect, emote, and create amazing conversations.

They can also hurt.

Your words can scar someone for life. You may choose your words casually, say something out of anger, without realizing that it can haunt a person forever. Because words, just stay with you.

One is taught in school to choose words wisely, to think before speaking. But what if you don’t? What if you tease someone just to have fun, and say the meanest of things. Can that person let go? I guess it’s not that easy, and such is the impact.

Talking about people, giving your opinion, advising others, using words as an outlet for expressing your anger, etc. is very common and often an excuse to say whatever comes to mind. Also, it’s not always that you say what you mean. But you can always be more careful. It’s possible to say something and then seek forgiveness, for, in hindsight, you didn’t mean it. The person can forgive you, for mistakes happen. But more than how you say something, it is what you say that matters. And is also what creates a lasting memory.

Sharp objects leave wounds. They heal. But what’s spoken, those mere words that come out in a flow, so easily, can disturb someone’s mind. Let’s put this realization into practice. Let words be your power to express the good and bad, but not a tool alone to victimize and humiliate.

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