Celebrate Womanhood Every Day!

To all the women out there…

You are special. Not because of the number of roles that you play, but because of who you are. Whether you are tall, short, chubby, skinny, dark, fair, young, old, weak, strong or in any form, you must know your worth without anyone having to tell you so.

Your worth is beyond what is known and it’s time you value yourself too. Break out of the limitations that govern your life, know yourself better and celebrate the real you. Your job is not limited to caring for others, to always give…Love yourself first and the rest will follow…

On this Women’s Day, let’s remind ourselves that we are equal, and in order to be treated as equals we must behave the same, and more importantly, feel like equals. Let us not bow down with any burden but excel because we can and we must.

Let the celebration of womanhood be an every day thing and not just a day or a week.

Happy you, every day.

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