On Self-Isolation Mode? Here’s What You Can Do…

Firstly, you’ve made a great choice! I’m sure it’s not possible for you all to go self-quarantine during this Coronavirus outbreak, but those who can, must. And while you take care of yourself, try the following to make this period productive.

1) Read, Read, Read

Got those books stacked up and had no time to flip through? Now is the time to finish what you never got a chance to begin.

2) Add a Skill

For those who’ve been contemplating for a while now, here’s the chance to study something new. Take up an online course and add a skill or two that will come in handy later.

3) Nothing Like Family Time

We are always crazy busy in our routine lives and crave family time. Well, now is your time to make the most of it. Stay inside, enjoy and stay safe together.

4) Start a New Hobby.

Paint, write, cook, create, think or do nothing… just take out time for anything that’s been on your mind, but you haven’t had the time or energy to work on.

5) Lastly

Online streaming platforms can be a great friend during this period. But make sure you take a break and rest your eyes. Work-out a little in between and don’t tire yourself with only one activity.

Don’t panic or create it. Don’t rely on forwarded tips and messages. Trust the actual sources and follow the basics.

Take good care.

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