There Is Something To Learn From Everyone

Many years ago, someone asked me, “Who is that one person you idolize?” Now, just to make a good impression, I thought my answer should be different and replied saying, “Not one person in particular. There is something to learn from everyone.”

Little did I realize then, that this prompt reply would actually become something I would follow for the rest of my life.

It’s very important to have flexibility in your personality. You may follow certain beliefs, ideologies, practices and so on, but you must always be quick to adapt, and most importantly, continue to learn. Each person you meet in life teaches you something— your friend’s constant chatter teaches you how important it is to share. A quiet encounter teaches you the importance of silence and patience. You can learn dedication from your boss or revisit innocence when you meet a child. If you witness a fight, you learn how people handle themselves and when you see someone cheat, you try and understand what made them do that.

There is nothing wrong in idolizing a person. But in doing so, make sure that you don’t become that person. Don’t follow blindly, for each person, each life is different. There are similarities too, but in totality it’s best if we each play our part. Learn from the mistakes of people you follow, learn from their failures, and their success. The idea is to take in the good, analyse and learn from the bad, and to work through your own mind and change only for the better.

Meeting people, interacting with them, even if you know them well-enough, is always a great learning. Every person you meet is a character you should study. When you meet people, you gain clarity of why things happen, why one reacts a certain way, who are the kind of people who succeed and what kind of a person you never want to be.

You don’t have to idolize or learn from the famous alone. Your experiences and learning can come from people you meet daily, small or big. Just observe well, and you will learn a great deal in life.

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