Let’s Learn To Respond, Not React.

Hi Guys, hope you all are safe wherever you are and are doing very well. As for me, this lockdown period has been really productive, except for the last 2-3 days. I am down with a cold and fingers crossed, no more Covid-19 symptoms yet. It’s mainly because of the fluctuating weather in my city, but I will keep a check for other symptoms too…

Meanwhile, I really wanted to write and mainly design more because it gave me a creative kick. Anywho… For today’s blog, I just wanted to share a little something with you.

For most part of my life, I haven’t been able to find a clear distinction between reaction and response. Whenever I have shared my thoughts with anyone, I have always craved for an instant reaction. And even though it hasn’t been permanent, I have enjoyed these reactions, as for me, they have been quick responses.

But over the years, I have realised one thing—It is not reactions that we should lookout for but actual responses. For reactions are quick and instant, and often not well-thought. While on the other hand, responses are meaningful and do justice to the questions asked, and the conversation as a whole.

I am sure it has happened with you at some point, where someone is talking to you and you are simultaneously replying in your head. In this, we miss out on both— being a good listener and giving an appropriate response. For we think so fast that we only come out with reactions and that urge to utter everything. The way out is to relax and listen. Analyse, understand and then give a response.

By understanding this distinction, I have not only learnt to be a decent listener, but I am careful with my replies too. I hold back my initial reactions, especially in delicate matters because that is not really what I want to say. I guess, it’s only by practicing this and being self aware, that I can be a better decision maker, and add more value to conversations.

Will be back soon with better health. Take care. Stay home and stay very safe.