Nature, A Constant Reminder Of Love.

There is inspiration, happiness and love all around

In our occupied lives, we often miss out on the smallest things. Those little joys that remind us how simple life is, yet how complicated we prefer to live it. We look for answers to questions that didn’t need to be asked in the first place, for we refuse to accept the normal and are always seeking something more.

Nature, in all of our lives, plays a great role. Looking at a mountain reminds us how small we are to everything around us, and teaches us to remain grounded. The sea reminds us how important it is to be calm and composed, and also cautious when the need arises. Similarly, nature in its many forms, reminds us to accept, to love and share.

‘Bloom where you are planted.’ Like plants of different kinds, we too should learn to bloom, grow and be happy where we are. In life, we are bound to come across different people—different than us in their looks, behaviour, language, background, culture, thinking etc. But rather than focusing on the differences, we must aim at learning from it and growing together.

Nature teaches us harmony, to grow in different shapes and sizes but together, in one flow. As humans, we are blessed to be surrounded by immense beauty, fresh air and so many colours. Least we can do is preserve it, grow with it and thank nature for all its blessings.

Let’s wake up to positive mornings, breathe into the fresh air, plant more trees and be a companion of nature, not careless towards it. Have a beautiful day!

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