Embrace Your Real Self!

The exterior of a house can be deceptive. Its welcoming architecture, the grandeur, its colors can amaze you the minute you look at it. But once you step into the house, even though it has the best interior, you may feel a sense of chaos, a history and see a different story altogether. After all, it is the people who live in the house who create that vibe. Good or bad.

You can notice the same thing in people too.

People often portray a decorated self, layered with false promises, fake smiles and a sense of pretense that they feel will cover all the mess inside. They feel that showing a different exterior/personality can make them reach out, but that is not really who they are.

Remember, deception is momentary and your real thoughts and actions will get recognized some day. You can buy the best of things to show the world how happy you are, but when everyone goes back and you are left to think, you know it.

Instead of trying to polish or create our lives with only niceties, wouldn’t it be beautiful to just make our lives happy and real? And how is that possible? It is by accepting your true self– being true to who you really are and making your personality count, instead of becoming someone else.

We must learn to distinguish between showcasing happiness and actually feeling it. If you have the best of things in life, and are happy, you don’t need to project. Your happy self will give out that happy vibe.

Embrace your real self.

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