How To Win Your Battle With Weight Loss

Are you trying to lose weight and get in shape? And have you tried doing so many times before and failed? Don’t worry. We have all been there and it’s fine!

Losing weight doesn’t come that easy to most of us. Not because of the physical process involved, but because of the psychological one. One tends to overthink, get excited, give up, get emotional, lazy and so on. It won’t be wrong to say that the process of weight loss requires both physical and mental commitment.

I am no health expert, but someone just like you, who has been battling with weight issues for long. So here I am sharing some of the problems I have faced along the way, hoping it helps you win your battle with weight loss…

Do It For Yourself
The first thing that you must realize when trying to lose weight is that you should do it for yourself. If you’ve faced bodyshaming, name calling or constantly been reminded of how unfit you are, don’t let that mess with your brain. Most of the times, one looks a certain way, say curvy, chubby or slightly healthy, but that doesn’t mean one is unfit. So if you are happy with the way you look, stick to what you enjoy doing and don’t give in to the pressure.

However, if you know that you are overweight and it is causing you health problems, then do start working out. Sometimes, we get comfortable in our bodies without realizing how bad it is in the long run. So the best way is to get yourself checked, know what problems exist and can arise and get started.

Don’t Get Impatient
To begin the process, you must understand that your body is used to a certain routine or the lack of it. So getting pumped up and all excited is not really going to help. You must get your body used to some movement, little warm ups and stretching first. Once you have set this into your workout schedule, start with exercises that suit your body. You can consult a professional or begin at home depending on your body type and what works for you.

People often hit the gym right at the start, overdo workouts, see changes and then decide to workout at home or get a little easy gradually. This is not healthy because you are exposing your body to excessive workout, then letting go of it and changing your routine too often. If going to the gym works for you, go for it and if workouts at home, running, yoga etc. are doing your body any good, follow that. The idea is to stick to a certain form rather than experimenting, and also understanding the changes in your body rather than rushing in for results alone.

Don’t Make Comparisons
Say a workout regime is going great for you and you’ve reached the targets you’d set. Now in the process, what a lot of us tend to do is start comparing results. The before and after pictures are great to send out and show off your new body, but wait up! Achieve what you have set out for first, maintain it and then share it with the world.

Also, one often tends to compare their journey with that of others. And if you feel you don’t look a certain way in the same period as others, you begin to overthink. And what’s next? You either give up or get laid back. Remember one thing all along– it is your body, and each body is different. So rather than comparing, feel good about your little achievements, even if it is few inches here and there. Love the changes you see and keep at it. Enjoy the process, appreciate your efforts and you will achieve your results.

Setting a workout routine, trying to lose weight, becoming fit and all can be very daunting if you end up thinking too much about it. Take one step at a time and even if you fail, keep trying. Results won’t happen in a week or even few months. Give your body the time to accept what it is now exposed to. Be patient, love yourself and enjoy what you are turning into. Don’t let your thoughts be a mental block in helping you achieve the healthy body you know is going to be great for you.

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