Cooking Is Therapeutic!

What’s Cooking, Good-looking?

Okay, so I haven’t always been a fan of cooking! I have been one of those people who love watching cooking shows (like totally love it), go out and eat and surf food pictures online, but I have been lazy in the kitchen. This has worked for me because all my life I have been surrounded by great cooks, who gave me the best meals. So I’ve made the most of that.

However, over the years, I have started enjoying cooking. And more so because it is therapeutic. I often have these bouts of anxiety that make me pretty lazy and overthink. Knowing it is not good for my mental and physical health, I often succumb to this emotion. Cooking in this regard has worked wonders for me.

Today’s Special: My Loaded Garlic Spaghetti Salad

Each time I feel low, bored or have that urge to create something, I Google a dish or try creating something myself. And trust me guys it has worked miraculously for me. To see the result in front of your eyes, to be able to taste it and share the joy of food with your loved ones is amazing.

Cooking requires patience, an understanding of ingredients, flavors and creativity. Each time I enter the kitchen if feel I am utilising my senses and coming up with something new.

I love cooking with basic food, experimenting and sticking to the flavors I love. I won’t say I am a good cook, because I am not looking for an approval here, but I am learning and more than that, enjoying the process.

So the next time you don’t know what to do and how to channelize your energy into something positive, cook something. It will grow on you.

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