Peace Of Mind? Yes, Please!

Shine Through A Calm Self

Hi there, hope you all are feeling great this morning!

So unlike the past few days, I woke up really fresh and active today. I actually felt happy and had the urge to achieve a lot.

But there was a certain doubt I wanted to clear before heading towards the day. Why was I so low and lethargic the past week? I didn’t do anything different, didn’t have a fight or any negative experience… So what was it that made me feel the way I did?

After a moment of introspection, I realised it was just my state of mind. I overloaded my mind with unnecessary thoughts and emotions that were totally uncalled for. Instead of focussing on a peaceful mind, I created a chaotic one. And finally when I decided to break this attraction towards sadness, lethargy and unproductivity, I woke up fresh and calm.

I guess I have sort of learnt to train my mind. To help it focus on the positive and balance the rush of emotions. Because I see a drastic change in the number of days I feel low and how I am able to overcome the same.

Guys, it’s very important for us to have a peaceful mind. To be able to balance emotions and live a life with reduced worries and stress. It’s not easy, but if we continue to strive for it, it’s achievable.

It’s important and healthy to have a calm mind that allows us to change our perspective and allow happiness to enter our life. So think happy thoughts, push yourself, be calm and continue to aim towards peace of mind.

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