It’s Cake O’Clock!

So you know by now that I am really enjoying cooking these days. And since I have experimented plenty with savory dishes, my time is dedicated to sweet surprises now.

Personally speaking, I am not much of a dessert eater, but what I have discovered recently is that I thoroughly enjoy making desserts for others. It gives me immense joy as it’s a complete stress buster, and keeps alive one’s creativity. Right from assembling the ingredients, getting down the flavors, sieving, mixing to waiting for the cake to bake, and finally decorating it… Sweet treats take time but are totally worth the effort.

Custard Sponge Cake Topped with Chopped Almonds and Cherries

I usually follow recipes shared by amazing chefs, and I like to make few changes and add my own understanding of ingredients. It’s amazing to see what new flavors come out and even what doesn’t get along.

Nice and Fluffy

Another thing I have noticed is that even if the dish fails, which trust me I have dealt with many a time, I still feel a sense of achievement. That’s mainly because I see something in front of me, made from scratch, and each time I try, I learn something new.

Honestly, no matter what you cook, if you start enjoying the process it’s an everyday learning. More than the food, you gain patience, understand the rhythm of how things take time and how you need to stay calm. Stress is out of question when you indulge in flavours, ingredients, and beautifully presented food.


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