The Secret Ingredient Is Always Love

It’s been rightly said that, to cook well, you don’t have to cook fancy. Sometimes, the simplest of ingredients available can create a dish that can excite your palate.

I was craving something sweet and fresh all day, and couldn’t get what I wanted. And since I am on a cooking spree these days, I decided to make something myself.

The internet, as always, was flooded with ideas, but I was certain to make something simple, yet full of flavour. After much thought, I decided on my sweet dish.

What all did it take? 2 bananas and honey! Yup, that’s all it took to make my fruit and honey sorbet. It wasn’t anything fancy, for I wasn’t seeking that, but it sure was yummy.

Banana and Honey Sorbet with Chocolate Syrup

Cooking is an art and to create something you don’t always need fancy ingredients. Put your imagination and creativity to it and even the simplest of food can look and taste amazing. And when you cook with your heart and much love, it overpowers any ingredient you add.

So if you’re in the mood to try something new, look around your pantry, in your refrigerator and you’ll find something to get creative with. Treat your taste buds to fresh and tasty food.

Stay healthy and relish what you eat!


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