Butter Chicken Turned Into Chicken Curry: A Beautiful Lesson Learnt

I hope you all had a fantastic weekend!

As for me, the weekend went by pretty quick, and I managed to finish quite a few pending tasks. I also tried making Butter Chicken, my most favourite dish to eat in the world, but then, this happened…

So I had prepared everything as required. Right from cutting the chicken pieces, to preparing the marinade, spices etc, I was set to make a yummy meal for myself and the family.

Things looked pretty good in the beginning and I even got the colour of my gravy near to perfect. I was thrilled!

Now, while the chicken was cooking, I kept opening the lid to check, stir and kept checking again, and again (first of many mistakes). Soon, the gravy colour became darker and the pieces looked way undercooked. My beautiful Butter Chicken was on the way to becoming a disaster. I wanted to give up. Decided to scrap the dish since I had built up the dish to really high standards, in my head.

But then I thought for a moment. This wasn’t a total disaster. It’s not the dish I wanted to prepare but it is still something. It looked close to Chicken Curry and was edible. So all I did was tweak a bit here and there, added few more ingredients and wallah, my dish was ready and tasted really good.

My Butter Chicken turned Chicken Curry

After finishing everything in that bowl I smiled. I had realised in that moment that cooking is a great learning experience. It teaches you how to be patient. How? I have this tendency to keep opening the lid and stir and look at my food. I forget that it takes time to cook. And such is life too. Things take time and the more we rush into them, the more we compromise with the result. So it’s good to let things work at their pace and then enjoy the beautiful result.

I also learnt that cooking is so similar to our daily life. Here too, things don’t always work the way we want. We set high expectations, like I did with my Butter Chicken, but it’s not necessary that things always work in our favour. It’s okay to make changes, change and look for options rather than giving up completely. It’s okay to make adjustments, change your path and look out for new adventures and keep trying. Something or the other always works out.

In life, just like in cooking, experiment, innovate and experience. Enjoy different flavours of life just like you do that of food.

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