Yum Alert! Bringing Street Food Home.

Major street food craving!

I have been a fan of Indian street food my entire life. From crunchy, watery golgappas, chaat to different fried pakoras, kulchas and flavorsome chutneys, you name it and I love it all. But with the lockdown, the thought of stepping out to enjoy these food items has come to a halt.

So I decided to try bringing street food into my kitchen with an attempt at making Papdi Chaat. For the uninitiated, Papdi is basically small flour crust. These are topped with Curd, Tamarind and Coriander Chutney along with other sweet and sour toppings which complete the Chaat part of this popular North Indian street food . You can also add potatoes, coriander leaves, pomegranate etc. as per your liking.

Papdi Chaat: Perfect Mix of Sweet and Sour

The process of preparing this Chaat for me as a beginner, wasn’t tedious at all. I thoroughly enjoyed every step. It was amazing to see things coming into shape. The flavors weren’t perfect, of course, but enough to get the taste of street food during this period.

I also realized that first everything used to be readily available to us. All we had to do was give money, and a plate of something yummy was laid out for us. Which is great as we must enjoy whatever we eat. But there is a different joy in preparing and seeing the food you enjoy take shape in front of you. And you also make an effort to try something new, even if you’ll make it just once.

So with all those positive thoughts and another attempt at cooking, I relished every bite of my Papdi Chaat.

I still miss going out and eating a variety of food, but I know I can depend on myself and Youtube Recipes for the same, till everything normalizes. So here’s to new attempts and continuing to enjoy what you love.

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