“I Am A Victim Of Cyber Bullying. It Can Break You”

Episode 3: Cyber Bullying

I was raised with the concept that ‘man is a social animal’, and ever since I was a kid, I was freely sent out to attend parties and night overs. My parents always encouraged me to bond and make as many friends. Growing up, my circle of friends kept growing too.

However, with work, studies and all the hustle bustle life keeps you occupied with, I wasn’t able to keep in touch with a lot of my friends. But then came the age of social networking and this changed life completely. I got in touch with all my friends and the circle was back in action. I also made new friends and was quite active on the platform.

My posts were always about me and my daily activities, thoughts and basic updates. I had nothing fancy to show as I am a very simple person in life. But this fun phase soon turned into a breaking point for me. My friends had a very different life from me and they liked posting about it. Which was fine because I loved looking at their stories too. But soon they began judging me and my updates. Comments like, “Oh, you wore that dress to two events before as well right?”, “Aren’t you bored of living in one city, how about planning a holiday abroad… Save up if you can’t afford right now…haha”, which seemed light at first were beginning to sound like constant teasing online. All such comments were liked by other people and further commented upon.

One day, I posted a picture after a very long time. During this break, I wasn’t keeping well so I had gained some weight. That didn’t matter to me as I was celebrating my recovery. But the picture was trolled like anything. A friend from school was the first one to comment saying, “God, you look fat!”, after which many other friends joked about the weight gain. I understand jokes and I am good with humour, but there is a very thin line between something funny and ridiculing someone. I took down the picture but they didn’t stop. Everywhere I commented or posted something, they would write “Cry Baby is back”, “Don’t say anything to her, she’ll delete the post” and so on…

In the end…

The only respite was that some of my friends figured it out and raised their voice. They stood up for me but it’s tough to shut so many dirty mouths, especially online. I was also trolled by strangers as a result of which I made my profile private.

But even today, with a private profile, I don’t feel secure posting online because people judge you and bully you. Their words can really break you because they write without knowing it’s impact whatsoever. The only way out was sticking close to my best friends and enjoying the real connections more than being bothered by the virtual ones.

– As told to WebPep.blog

In this Blog Series,ย It Happened To Me #BeingBullied, I am going to share first-hand experiences of people who have been bullied, in an as-told-to-me version. These are true accounts shared by some of my closest friends, relatives and colleagues. Since this is a blog series to highlight the impact of bullying, and help you understand the same through real life accounts, I shall not name anyone. Itโ€™s not the person but the experiences that count here. So hope you stay connected with us for the next few days and share your stories and those you may have come across too.

8 thoughts

      1. You are highly welcome ๐Ÿ™

        Me too. Sometimes they do it for me, and I just ignore them.

        But it gets inconvenient when they do it frequently.

        And when itโ€™s coming from more than one person

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  1. I can understand…

    People have to realise that it’s not cool to gang up on someone without knowing their story and the implications.

    Hope the word spreads and people understand what a grave a problem this is.


  2. Cyberbullying is rampant these days. People just don’t know how to be civil to each other online anymore. Know that you’re not who people say you are. And their vitriol is no reflection on you but on their own mental issues! I admire you for opening up about your pain. You are very brave!

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