Thank You, Readers. You Make A Difference!

Image by ArtsyBee from Pixabay

I’d like to begin by saying a big Thank You to all my Readers. WebPep has completed one year, and even though I wasn’t very active in the beginning, your support has made me believe that I too can blog.

Episode 5: I Was Bullied Too

As part of our one year anniversary, I wanted to touch upon the issue of bullying and it’s grave impact on one’s life. And with the series, It Happened To Me #BeingBullied, I have been able to reach out to some people and that makes me immensely happy.

You have shared your experiences and given this initiative much support. I wish that we can continue to spread the word and hope for a positive, kind and bullying-free future.

Why I chose this subject to mark the Anniversary of WebPep, was because I have experienced bullying too. I was bullied in different phases of my life and that made me question my identity, my beliefs and much more. I can relate to all types of bullying experiences because somewhere they have been a part of my story. I may no longer face bullies, as I know how to avoid them, but there are many people out there who are bullied every single day, are made to feel worthless and often succumb to depression and suicide. It’s unfair, absolutely uncalled for but sadly, it exists everywhere.

Blogging is a great medium and since WebPep is about sharing Chapters of Life, I had to share these experiences hoping there is a change made, small or big, somewhere.

As for all my Readers, I want to thank you for being there. It means a lot and I hope I can continue to grow as a person through this blog, and share my Chapters of Life with you.

Your views, comments, likes and follows are a great motivation and trust me, it makes a big difference. It’s amazing to be connected with you all through words, and learn something new every single day. You’re simply Fab!

See you in the next blog!

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