Flawsome Is The New Awesome!

A flaw in a layman’s term, is a defect. Something that hinders effective results and leaves a thing or two for improvement. It can be a flaw in your performance, your thinking, personality, characteristic and so on…

You can continue to correct these flaws to become the best at what you do, who you are or what you want to be, but some flaws just stay. So does that make you any less awesome? Nope. Just accept your flaws, especially if they are physically present, and let no one make you think differently.

Flaws in your personality can be worked upon, so go ahead if it’s the best for you. But there will be things you just cannot change, and it’s okay to be a certain way if that is not making you unhappy. If your flaws keep you happy, are not harming anyone or letting you miss out on what you want in life, then enjoy that. You cannot please everyone and why should you? Remember, perfection is overrated and everyone around is flawed in a way or two or more. So stop being harsh on yourself.

Physical flaws too are often misjudged. While a scar can be counted as a flaw, it can also be the most attractive feature. It’s all about perspective and acceptance. If you feel beautiful, feel so freely even with those burns, those deep scars, crooked teeth, fine lines and the so-called flaws. For the world they can be flaws but for you, let them be that element that makes you flawsome.

Let flawsome be the new awesome guys! Accept those little defects in you and embrace them rather than letting them hold you back. Give yourself every chance you deserve and enjoy life’s moment’s with completeness. Just by adding awesome to your flaws, you’re one step towards feeling fab, always.

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