Don’t Lose Yourself In Love, Entirely…

Love, and all that it brings with it, is great. It makes you feel happy, loved, valued, on top of the world and a whole new set of emotions you haven’t experienced before. But what it also does at times is make you weak, dependent and in the process of losing yourself.

The fear of losing yourself, your real self, your identify, should be far more than that of losing the one you love. If a person is not able to accept you and continues to take you and your love for granted, there isn’t any point in giving it your all. Draw the line. Love selflessly, give your best but keep a little space to breathe. If all you care and are made to care for is what that one person feels, look at yourself in the mirror… If you cannot identify with your true self, there is a problem.

No relationship can work on the basis that ignores a balance. If you take a step forward, so should your partner. Otherwise what are you partners for? Each of your sacrifices, care and commitment should mean the same, no matter how big or small. There are different situations in every relationship and rather than comparing them, one should be appreciative towards all the efforts made. That creates a balance.

Loving unconditionally is great, but as I am a firm believer in self-love, I’ll repeatedly say, don’t lose yourself entirely. Don’t become the person your partner wants you to be. They had a choice, they chose you, so why should you have to change and become who you are not? Do what helps your relationship grow stronger, but don’t become someone else for that.

Love is powerful and love is definitely beautiful. But it is also independence, freedom, trust and acceptance. Keep the love alive, add humour to it and experience life together. But if that person is gone, no matter what the reason, be sure you can still continue with life. And for that, you need to always be your true self.

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