Can’t Buy Happiness, But Can Buy Ice Cream and Add Some Fruits To It. It’s The Same Thing!

If I had one wish that would definitely come true, I would wish for ice-cream to be the healthiest thing to eat. And then enjoy it ALL the time, guilt-free, without caring about my weight and health … But then, it’s just a wish…

I am an ice-cream lover. When it comes to my favorite flavors, I have a basic choice that includes Vanilla and Strawberry. I’ve tried a number of flavors over the years, but I keep coming back to these, and the love just keeps growing. However, in order to stay healthy, I try and control my intake of ice-cream.

Adding fruits to ice-cream qualifies as the best dessert for me. It’s perfect for days when I feel low, happy, excited, prefer a cheat meal or just feel like having something good. I take a bowl of ice-cream and add some fruits to it and top it with chocolate syrup. It is delicious! Those happy colors on my plate make me really happy.

I know it’s a whole lot of sweet, calories etc. so I try and eat that once every week or two weeks. Also, by restricting my intake, I feel I enjoy eating this combination much more and look forward to it. It is very satisfying.

As much as we all love food, you’ve got to watch what you eat, unless you’re not blessed. But that doesn’t mean you cannot enjoy what you love to eat. Just by reducing the intake and making sure you do some form of workout, you can eat what you want without feeling guilty. After all, food is the easiest way to find happiness. Isn’t it?


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