Happiness Is… A Pack of Noodles!

Please don’t tell me you’re not a noodle person!!! Right from rice stick noodles, egg noodles, super spicy, thin ones to instant noodle packets… Noodles have always been a delight and absolutely yum.

Also, I am true fan of any food item that can be played around with.

Ready-made noodles have been a favorite of mine. They have helped me survive my midnight cravings, right from my school days, and have also been the only thing I could cook for a very long time. Ready in 5 minutes or a little more, the taste has stayed with me along with a whole lot of nostalgia.

Even though I love food and trying different dishes, noodles are my comfort food along with any side dish. I love the extra zing of soy sauce, chili, and add-ons that make noodles an absolute hit for me.

Noodles cooked with veggies. Don’t forget to sprinkle oregano and pepper.

In recent times, I have started cooking noodles at home, by adding lots of veggies and herbs. It’s simple, healthy and delicious. Also, for those of you who like to work more on your health, you can further reduce the quantity of noodles and make it soupy instead. Trust me it’s divine.

At times, simple flavors mixed with one of your favorites, makes for a complete meal. Throw in all that you can eat along with noodles and there, you have a dish ready. You get your kind of food with few changes here and there.

So grab on to your favorite pack of noodles and add some twist to it. Add some veggies, chicken, eggs, sausages, herbs, or just make it soupy and relish it with a glass of wine.

And like I always say… Enjoy what you eat. Happy food happy soul.

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