A Soup-er Meal For Any Day

Soup in the time of sickness and soup in the time of health… YUM!

My first memory of having soup as a kid was when I was really sick. Unaware of different soup varieties, my Mom gave me Chicken Clear Soup to do away with my cold and soar throat. And for that moment, I enjoyed my sickness, because that bowl of soup was delicious. Since then, I don’t think I have ever said no to soup, and have gone on to try many variations.

As I grew up, fresh Tomato Soup with crispy bread crumbs was common during soup-time at home. I looked forward to coming back home after playing and get my cup of fresh homemade soup. The croutons were a bonus and made it a yummy combo for me.

Whenever a guest would come home, especially during evenings, Mom would try a different type of soup… Vegetable soup, Chicken soup, Sweet corn soup, Spinach soup, Carrot soup and our favorite Tomato of course. Soon, soup was not just to be had when sick, but to be relished on any evening possible.

Carrot, Coriander and Noodle Soup

Soup, according to me, is not just a before meal item but a meal in itself. Just by  filling a bowl with your favorite ingredients and water and letting it boil,  you get an aromatic dish with fresh flavors. It’s worth every sip.

Adding soup to your diet has several benefits and I am sure you’re aware of it. As for me, I have said a big NO to packaged soups and try and make it from scratch at home. Without adding artificial flavors and preservatives, I love the simple and rich taste of homemade soup. You can always add some noodles, egg, or have it with garlic bread and soup sticks. It’s Soup-er no matter what!!!

So what’s you Soup-er story? Do share it with us and let’s get on to make a yum bowl of soup, starting now…

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