Goodbye #FOMO. Hello #JOMO!

The fear of missing out, popularly known as FOMO is not just a common hashtag. It’s a situation, a time when you feel left out, anxious about what others are doing, and are unable to concentrate on yourself. FOMO, is not just a fun term written jokingly, but a menace that’s become obvious in our socially active times.

So how does FOMO arise? No matter how involved you’re in your life, your ability to get distracted and focused about other’s lives is the first sign of moving towards this fear. Seeing friends travel, shop, living a certain life, and you not being a part of it, is one such example.

While social media’s biggest boon is that it keeps us updated, it is also its biggest downside. Sometimes, or rather most of the times, we are updated more than we should be. Easy access to lives of those who matter to us and don’t, makes us want to be a part of that picture perfect time. And if we miss out, we begin to feel anxious, depressed and focus on all things wrong.

If 2020 has taught us one thing, it’s definitely to appreciate what we have, rather than what’s being missed out. So how about replacing the fear of missing out with the JOY of missing out. It’s okay if you cannot attend a party, go on a vacation like others or be socially active like all your close ones. It’s okay to let go and not be there and in short, miss out. Remember what you are doing is of value too, and the more you compare things with others, the more it’ll play with your mind.

So live in the moment and find joy, even if you miss out a number of things. Don’t think of what if, what could happen etc… Value what’s in front of you. Embrace the joy of missing out, being happy with yourself, what you have and not being distracted, at all. Accept #JOMO!


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