For The Love Of Bread!!!

Picture this: You’re running late for work and don’t have enough time to eat your breakfast. What do you do? Grab a toast and eat it on the go. 

Picture this too: Your friends surprise you and you don’t know what to cook for them. What do you do? You place some cheese, lettuce and tomato between two slices of bread, and serve them a yummy Sandwich. 

Yes, that’s how amazing bread is, and no matter how you prefer it, you can create something with it. Bake, toast, fry or eat as it is… Bread is my BFF when it comes to food. Just yesterday at home, my husband and I wanted to eat Pizza. I was apprehensive to order from outside, because of the growing COVID cases, and didn’t have all the resources to make it at home. But what I had were few slices of bread. So I made some quick toasties for both of us and it was worth the pizza skip. Bread is undoubtedly the perfect base for a number of dishes and it adds immense texture to your food.  

I don’t remember exactly when I fell in love with bread, but I remember it started with bread and butter (BUTTER!!! more on it later). This was my go-to combo as a kid and sometimes butter was replaced with jam or cheese. Soon, the basic toasts went on to become loaded toasts, sandwiches, bread rolls, fried bread snacks and much much more. 

The smell of fresh bread in a bakery for me is better than anything out there. I just feel like buying a huge stock, and enjoying all varieties available. My favorite, however, is fresh garlic bread. Nothing can beat this for me. I usually toast my garlic bread over butter and add veggies, oregano seasoning and cheese to make it extra loaded. Having it plain is equally delicious too. 

Bread Pizza/Veggies and Cheese Toastie

Since bread and I go back a long way, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that it is my comfort food. Even till this date, if I don’t feel like cooking, and still want to eat something good, I look for bread. 

So love cooking or not, there are tons of bread recipes to try out; make your own fresh bread at home, get it from your favorite bakery, play around with toppings and serve it in a variety of ways. Bread is that food BFF that will never fail you. Trust me on that! 


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