Drove after 5 months. Ah! That Feeling Of Independence…

Driving is refreshing. Especially when it’s on a beautiful road, with good music and no rush to get anywhere. It’s also great because it gives you a sense of independence; being free, out there and on your own.

I finally drove after good 5 months of lockdown and being in quarantine, on and off. These months made me active in a lot many ways, but at the same time lethargic too. I hardly went out and depended on everyone around me to get me things and do most work. Even shopping of basic items was done online, and I just didn’t think of going out even when things normalised a bit.

No rush to get anywhere. Just me driving and the rain…

But yesterday was different. I’d made up my mind and there was no stepping back. Enough of depending on phone calls, online orders and somebody coming in my direction to pick stuff for me. I was going to step out and drive around myself.

And so I did.

It was liberating you guys… I opened the windows and took in some fresh air. I didn’t realise how much I had missed the noisy roads, the traffic, forgetting my way and just being there, having a good time and feeling great. This was the best decision ever.

And to make it all the more perfect, the weather showered all its support. It started raining on my way back and I couldn’t have asked for more. Even the maddening traffic seemed so calm and lively. My mind was full of ideas, happy thoughts and small but meaningful observations. I realised how much I love the outdoors (love indoors equally) and how important it is to get out and feel a new vibe. Otherwise we just get flustered in the same things and life becomes mundane eventually…

Post this drive, I have decided to get back into action. Step out and enjoy long drives, get my work done myself, and not depend on others like a lazy cat. This was a small but worthwhile experience and I thought sharing it with you all is a must. So if you’ve been postponing anything, make sure you get on with it and experience new and happy feels. Until next time! Cheers…

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