Good Food Is Good Mood!

I love to eat and I am sure you know that by now. But there is another thing you should know. I pretty much order the same type of food each time I go out to eat. I do like experimenting with food, but I have to also eat my comfort food; my share of my favorite meal whenever I go out. Also, each time I think of trying something new, this is what happens…

Couple of days back, I was contemplating stepping out to eat something. I was thinking about my favorites like a burger, pizza, salad, grilled or butter chicken, and was looking for options. I then came across an Indian Food Fest advertisement in a restaurant close by. I was already salivating looking at the pictures, so I locked this place as my comeback spot to start eating out again.

After two days, it was finally the day of this food fest and I was set to go. I got into my car and kept thinking about all the good food I was going to eat and taste new flavors too.

On reaching the restaurant, I was given the fest menu along with the regular one. So yes, I am that person who gets confused with too many food options, because I want to try out everything, sometimes. But since I was already decided on what to eat this time, I figured ordering would be quick. Just when I was about to order, my eyes read Grilled Chicken with vegetables and mashed potatoes. In seconds, my order was placed and after all the wait for this food fest, there I was, eating what I mostly order and still love to eat.

Chicken Delight

I guess my cravings revolve around the same kind of food because no matter what I try, I want to keep on eating my kind of food. If I go out and eat a burger, I feel satisfied. But say if I am eating Tacos, I’d still crave a burger, grilled chicken or a pizza. So my favorites aren’t going anywhere for sure. And the joy of eating is not always about experimenting. It is enjoying what you love to eat, no matter how many times you’ve had that.

Friends often complain that I order the same stuff when we go out to eat, but I absolutely love it. I can eat a salad every time I step out, no matter what time and also other favorites I’ve mentioned.

Good food is good mood and I know what keeps me a happy soul.

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