Sunday Is Incomplete Without Rajma and Rice

Famous across India, especially in the Northern region, Rajma Chawal (Red Kidney beans and Rice) is pure comfort food. The rich flavours of Indian masalas (spices), in a thick tomato and onion gravy, with soft kidney beans served with rice, is a combination like no other.

Rajma ( Red Kidney Beans)

I remember, how almost every Sunday at home, my brother and I would ask mom to make this dish. My mum would prepare a large quantity of Rajma because one serving was never enough. Later, as we moved to different cities, this dish made us nostalgic but was a reason enough to gather at home and a must during family reunions.

Till date, I continue to eat this combination at least once a week, and especially on a lazy Sunday afternoon. Over several attempts now, I can proudly say that I make a pretty decent meal myself.

The key to a successful Rajma recipe, I feel, is to have a thick and rich gravy. You don’t have to overload it with masalas, but make sure it’s cooked well. Another important factor is to ensure the kidney beans are soft and well-cooked. Rest, once you have all the flavours set in, the dish will surely be a hit.

More than a loved dish, Rajma Chawal also has the perfect blend of an Indian curry, rich flavours and is best had with rice. You can also have some pickle, raita (curd) but remember to have sliced raw onions with it. You will absolutely love the crunch onions add to this dish.

Even though this is a pure vegetarian meal, it’s delicious and can give any non-vegetarian dish a good competition. You will be surprised to know that many of my non-vegetarian friends prefer Rajma Chawal over other food.

So this Sunday, like many others was perfect, as I made Rajma Chawal at home and enjoyed every bite as always. Love how food can bring a smile, all of us together and has so many memories and stories attached to it.

Love what you eat and enjoy your food. Cheers!

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