If You Think Eating Healthy Is Boring, Try A Salad Now!

We all deserve a good meal and each one us should relish what we eat. Oh! But what about those extra calories that add to one’s weight, and make some food unhealthy? Well, I have always maintained that you need to create a balance. And if you are able to successfully do so, you can enjoy whatever you want to eat.

Chicken Ceaser Salad

Each time I go out and see a menu, my stomach craves for all kinds of breads, pizzas, burgers, pastas and you name it! But on days when I know that I need to control, I have my healthy and extremely delicious meal ready to order– Fresh Salad. I know that some salad’s are extra loaded too; with a whole lot of cheese, calorie-friendly dressing etc., but you can always order it according to your liking, and go for the freshness of the veggies and meat instead of what’s not healthy. Salads, I feel, are light on the stomach, and you know what the best part is? If you feel like spending quality time in a good restaurant but don’t wish to indulge in all that food, order a salad. It will fill you up just as much as you’d like and will not make your tummy feel heavy.

Quick to make, delicious to eat

Salads are also extremely easy to make at home. I often skip meals when I know I have eaten a bit too much and stick to a salad. Days when I know I shouldn’t be eating unhealthy, I make sure to keep a light dressing or just add basic seasoning. The freshness of vegetables like bell pepper, cucumber, carrots, beans, spinach added to your salad make it a complete meal. You can always add fruits like pomegranate, apple, or dry fruits like peanuts, walnuts to watermelon seeds, chia seeds, sesame seeds etc. to your salad. You may not adapt to the taste immediately, but if you do so, consider it a great healthy option.

So if you’re done with eating chips, ice creams, and those fried but tempting foods, try a salad please. You don’t have to eat it all the time, but you can make it a part of your food habit. Eat it as a side dish or a whole meal. Experiment, add new flavors and enjoy the freshness of herbs and vegetables. The more the colors, the merrier your meal is. Have a yum bite.

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