A Sweet and Spicy Treat!

We’ve entered September already. Whoa! 2020 is speeding towards an end while the pandemic doesn’t seem to go anywhere. Anyhow, we’ve got to keep moving, achieving and doing our bit.

Last Sunday, my husband and I were talking and chilling, and then out of nowhere we had this crazy urge to eat Golgappas. Golgappas, also known as Puchkas, Panipuri (differs based on the region and few ingredients) is a famous street food. These are basically small hollow balls made of flour, stuffed with a mixture of chickpeas, potato, onion and chutney etc. When you eat it, you first dip it in sweet or spicy water, and then eat the whole thing at once. It’s watery, crunchy and full of amazing Indian flavor.

Looks yum, right?

If you remember, in one of my earlier blogs, Yum Alert! Bringing Street Food Home, I’d made Papdi Chaat, and also talked about my love for Indian Street food. But this time around, we really felt like stepping out and going to the streets to get the best Golgappas. Sadly, most street vendors have vanished because of the virus, and as it is, eating there isn’t a healthy option at the moment. So we decided to go to a restaurant instead, ensuring it’s hygienic and serves Golgappas.

Even though we found a decent place and tasty Golgappas, I still feel the joy of eating this type of food is on the streets. I miss those small stations and how the Golgappa guy, famously known as “Bhaiya” serves you these small delights one after another, and keeps a count of how many you’ve eaten. What fun!

But I am not complaining. What we ate this Sunday was delicious too and I am glad we could find an option. Sometimes, even if the food isn’t as expected, it’s the company that matters.

Signing off on this note. Cheers!

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