The Small Town Charm

Moving to a big city, having big dreams and achieving them sounds oh-so-perfect. It is an ideal situation as it helps you reach new heights of success in life. But what about those small things? Those real, calm and relaxed experiences? I feel that comes from living in a small town or at least experiencing the stay for once.

Small towns have a remarkable charm. They have a warm vibe, feel homely and genuine. People too are not in a rush to get anywhere, carry no malice or have a cluttered state of mind. You feel the sense of happiness through their politeness and contentment in their actions.

Being from a small town myself, I never really cherished its qualities during most of my life. But having travelled enough to know how different places and people are, the small town charm seems to be calling me back.

Recently at my hometown, I was out and about exploring the markets and lanes from a new perspective. While driving through the narrow road, I found myself in the middle of a traffic jam. I tried to pass through the traffic, but because I got nervous, my car was stuck. I was sweating like a pig and felt extremely embarrassed. But to my rescue came three-to-four local people from their respective vehicles, and guided me so well. Their attitude was overwhelming, and instead of blaming me for the trouble caused, they helped me with a friendly smile. This being one of the many incidents that made me fall in love with small towns all over again.

Small towns are full of big and moving experiences. They add freshness to your perspective and give you a sense of belonging. These places remind you of how beautiful simple can be. If you love to travel and wish to unwind (minus all the hustle-bustle), you must explore one such place.

Mix in with the locals, taste the delicacies, learn a new language, visit the small markets, walk around and you will have enough to take back with you. Trust me it is worth experiencing.

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