5 Mantras to Live By

Life gets complicated and becomes mundane when you are constantly questioning and overthinking about it. Life, in all it’s amazing forms, is right in front of you, and all you have got to do is embrace it. The more you do, instead of sit and analyse, will help you counter a million negative thoughts and help you make your life a simpler one. The ‘what if?’, ‘could be’, ‘should be’ is a waste of time, and time is all you have to cherish this beautiful life.

In your approach to living a happy and meaningful life, you must be flexible, accept more and continue to bring in the required changes.

Here are 5 life mantras I have experienced and accepted over the years. They haven’t made my life perfect, but they have certainly made it clear, worthwhile and content.

Keep it Simple

Moving towards simpler things, simple thoughts and simple aspirations have given me and my mind the peace I have been seeking for long. I haven’t completely given in to a minimalist way of life, but I am headed on that path. And trust me it feels amazing so far. I have come to a stage where I am trying to move beyond comparisons, jealousy, false hopes and accept the beauty of things around me and only count my blessings. Keeping life simple in my actions and my thoughts has been a great learning.

Take the Leap

I am sure if I had taken a different decision, the results would have been different. I could be happier or sadder… Who knows. But once a decision is taken and you have taken the leap, own it. Make sure it’s all that you want it to be and don’t keep going back to what you left out on. Take your decisions, do what you really want to and be able to live with it. Take the leap, for you have this one life. So choose what you really believe in and make it worthwhile.

Learn to Move On

Emotions are great. They allow you to connect, resonate and feel. But don’t allow your emotions to overburden you and become a baggage instead. Whether a failure in love, fired from work, unhappy family life and so on… You must move on. If you cannot fix things the least you can do is fix your state of mind, and bring in something positive to overcome the problems in life. Sometimes, in making that one imperfect thing perfect, you give up your entire life and are left with nothing to turn back to. So let go when you know you’ve given your best and move on.

Happiness is a Great Choice

“If you’re happy and you know it clap you hands”… (Clap clap). We all strive for happiness and in doing so we create a hype around it. Happiness in it’s simplest form can come from waking up next to your partner or seeing the smile on you child’s face. Happiness is what you want it to be and how you choose it. Remember, you have two choices in life at the end of the day… Wheather you want to be happy or not! And what you choose from here is eventually what your life becomes. If you see the bright side and move towards it, happiness won’t shy away from you, ever.


Ever wondered why mediation, yoga and other forms of excercise help you relax? Because they allow you to control your mind, erase negativity and breathe freely. That practice should be implemented in day-to-day life as well. Breathe before starting an argument so you don’t end up saying what you don’t mean; breathe when your mind is juggling a million thoughts so you know exactly which one is right; breathe and relax before taking that decision, so you know it wasn’t taken in a rush.

Breathe because it will help you calm yourself and give your mind the break it deserves.

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