Pizza is Forever.

What’s that one food that you can never get bored of? No matter what time of the day, month or year, you can have it whenever you feel like, with no end to your craving. Well, for me it’s a Pizza (and I want one already!). 🙂

A slice of happiness

Pizza makes me the happiest. Wheather it’s a slice, an extra large one, personal, thin crust, super cheesy or cold-from-last-night, I love, love Pizza in all its possible forms.

So what’s it about a Pizza that makes me want to eat it so often? I have no idea! All I know is that it’s a perfect combination of things I love which includes the base, cheese, and endless variety of toppings full of flavour.

Also, I hate it when people overload their Pizza with a number of seasonings before tasting it. I get it when the Pizza is really bland, but when it’s full of flavour, why not relish it?

Anyhow, it’s very difficult for me to criticize something I love so dearly. It’s happened to me on many instances when I am out with friends, they end up criticising the pizza served and I just say nothing. I love it because it’s edible, has all the basics sorted and may not be the greatest pizza, but it’s still a pizza and I can’t possibly hate it. I guess for me it’s still good even when it’s pretty bad (if that makes any sense). And after all the cribbing, we each have our share of slices, and when there is still one left, I want to go straight for it, but can’t. I give in to the pressure and can’t help but think about that last slice even the next day (can you relate?). Sigh! But I guess I shouldn’t do this the next time now, and if I like it so much, why shy away from eating it! Will tell you how that goes the next time it happens.

Pizzas have also been a true companion. Whenever I felt hungry in my hostel, only the Pizza place was open at night. When I moved out on my own, I remember ordering a whole lot of Pizza on days I wanted to skip cooking (which happened way too often). I remember eating a Pizza on days when I felt really low and on days when I wanted to celebrate. It has also been a great back-up especially when there were friends coming over on a short notice. Oh dear Pizza, you’ve been a delight.

Well, I can go on and on about my Pizza tales but it all comes down to one thing. A Pizza is the greatest creation ever and possibly the best food out there for me. It reminds me each time how happy food can make you. Pizza truly is forever!

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