Getting Bored? It’s Time To Do Something Productive!

I love being at home and I love my own company. But what annoys me is when people around me think it’s boring. Well, it can be mundane for them, but I love my company. Period.

I often get asked what is it that you do all day at home (even when I am working from home) and ‘don’t you get bored’, ‘how do you kill time’ etc. To be honest, I can spend a lot of time with myself doing a lot or doing nothing at all.

When I am surrounded by people there is a alot of energy that gets used. During my time alone, I like to take things easy, do what I love doing, and keep things at a pace that makes me happy and keeps me relaxed. I basically don’t kill time, I enjoy it. For example, when I sit and read a book, I love to imagine things, the characters and read every line carefully as if it were happening in front of me. I read about things that may not be of value to others, but it’s my time and there is no room for others, really!

And yes, there are days when there is actually nothing to do; I have organised and re-organised everything, I have cooked up a storm, I have walked, slept, watched, read, worked etc… So then what is it that I do? I look up something new. Something I don’t know. Like recently, I downloaded an App that teaches different languages in a fun and easy way, and I chose French. BONJOUR! Last month I tried my hands at Macrame, took up an online course and even tried painting. The idea is not to excel in these things in the first go or at all, but to be able to utilise time, learn and discover something new.

Learning is never-ending and if you want to learn every day, you will never get bored. Even I have wasted many days sitting idle and thinking stuff that only bothered me. Now, as I keep myself busy, I value myself and my time more, and when I want to take a break, I take it guilt-free.

Investing your time in learning something, anything you feel like and don’t know, will give you a great boost at the end of the day. And if you already have a number of hobbies, you have enough to do.

A wise lady once said, ‘Don’t waste even a moment of your day. Read, write, set your clothes, listen to music, connect, eat, cook, talk, walk, take a nap, create, watch, exercise… But keep doing and learning something, every single day.’

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