Lazy to Cook? Try Making a One-Pot Meal Today

So I have been pretty busy this week; I am shifting into a new house and all I am surrounded by is clutter and lots of boxes. But that’s not of any problem. I am super excited for this new transition and I know things will be great thereafter. But what about those hunger pangs and deciding what to cook during the shifting period? There is enough going on already, and the idea of cooking can be a big task…

Well, one-pot meals are a definite answer to this. Since the house is almost packed and only the essentials are out, one often tends to get lazy and skip cooking. It’s okay for a day or two, but you cannot always depend on outside food right? So the next best option is to add all your veggies/meat into a pan and let it cook. Afterall, sauteed food tastes delicious and makes for a wholesome meal.

As part of my first attempt, I made Mushroom and Spinach saute this week. All I had to do was wash and cut mushroom, saute them and then add spinach and some leftover brocolli to the dish. I seasoned it with mixed herbs and my meal was ready in no time. My husband and I ate this as a spread on garlic bread and it tasted equally good without any ad ons too.

I can understand how the thought of cooking can be tiresome and exhausting–Who will do the chopping, cooking and the washing… But with one-pot meals all you have to do is chop and cook. It’s all done in one pan so you have very little cleaning to do as it is. And if the food turns out to be this yum, you won’t regret cooking at all.

In India especially, we love to eat our meals with rotis (bread) or rice. But when you are on the move or lazy to cook, it’s best to avoid cooking more than one dish — so you have little cleaning to do and less stuff to keep. One-pot meals are a full meal in themselves and perfect for lazy cooks or those of you who are busy.

Mushroom and Spinach Saute

So if you are in the middle of a shifting process or are generally lazy to cook, try recipes that qualify as one-pot meals. It not only saves time but tastes great too!

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