Offbeat Destinations: The Perfect Way To Relax

How many of you love to plan your trip to the extent that your itinerary is set for all the days? I honestly think it’s great if you can plan that well-in-advance, but as for me, I cannot do that. For me, a vacation is all about going in with the element of surprise. Don’t you think that’s fun?

My recent travels have been to places mostly unheard of. And even if the city is a famous one, I often land in a place that is not that popular. I feel the fun is to explore than to get involved in what’s already out there. As a result, offbeat destinations are what I am constantly searching for.

I wasn’t always like this though. I loved going to popular destinations, cafes, markets and do all the things listed by people who have travelled there (I still do that sometimes). But as I am growing older, I find great comfort in destinations that are unexplored.

Explore the Unexplored

Every lane, road, turn has an element of surprise and feels like a new adventure altogether. You can drive till where the road leads, and walk further and further into the unknown. I think that’s magical and right out of a fairytale (not in search of a prince charming but heaps of adventure for sure).

Offbeat destinations also remind you why you decided to travel in the first place–to find out about new places, meet new people, try a local cuisine, interact with nature and just relax. But of course, everybody has a different idea of a vacation and what suits you is always the best. However, if you haven’t done this before and get a chance anytime soon, do plan a trip to an offbeat destination. I am sure you will love the calm and the endless possibilities such places open for travelers.

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