A Book A Week #ChallengeAccepted

Look around and tell me honestly, do you see a pile of books-to-read, but you simply haven’t? Don’t worry, you’re in the same boat as me. As much as I want to read and enjoy the process, I continue to delay it every day. And the only reason I see for this, is not giving time to reading and making it a part of my daily routine. Well, not anymore!

Image by Gerhard G. from Pixabay

We all know how amazing books can be and what a great hobby reading is. From being extremely addictive to having the power to take you to different places, experiences, know people, events, stories etc. reading is a habit we all must possess. However, there are times when excuses take over and reading takes a backseat. You keep purchasing books because you want to read them, but all they get in return is a pretty space on your bookshelf or collect dust. Not fair!

So, starting this week, I plan to read one book every week and share the same with you. This way, I will have a weekly target, you as readers to share my experience with, and a lot more books to read.

Join me if you wish to bring back the joy of reading into your lives. Come on, let’s read together!

PS: Don’t forget to share book recommendations in the comment box below.

See you day after!

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