5 Reasons To Get You Excited For Cycling

Hi Guys! Hope you are doing well and are in great spirits. I am so excited to write this blog in particular, as it talks about the highlight-of-the-week for me. After much thought and pushing away random excuses, I finally started cycling (trust me it is amazing). And since good habits must be shared, here are 5 benefits I feel will be a reason good enough for you to take on cycling or get on the road with your bike.

The only complaint you’ll ever have is why didn’t I start early… However, it is never too late!

Get Excited To Wake Up Early

Waking up early is an excellent habit but is also equally exhausting. Just the thought of stepping out of the bed, when sleep is all that you can think of, seems unfair. But good habits aren’t always that easy, right? While struggling to wake up early and start my day fresh, I had no clue what a boon cycling could be. I have woken up early to walk and jog, but its never lasted, as I’ve never really been that excited. But it’s totally different with cycling. It’s such a fun activity in itself that the urge to wake up and cycle on empty roads is natural and gradually becomes a part of your routine. It’s your chance to go about the streets, park or wherever you prefer to go on your bike, and take in the positive vibe. You can cycle whenever you want, but trust me mornings are the best and it sets you for the entire day.

Add A Fresh Perspective

Walking, jogging or just going out for a stretch is equally good. But when you are on a bike, it is a different feeling all together– you are observant, feel relaxed, happy, cheerful and are more active than usual. Like the other day, I was cycling really fast to burn some calories and then slowed down to take a break. I cycled around areas I had crossed a million times, but it looked so different that particular day. I saw things in a new light. Also, since I was on my bike, it allowed me to focus more and served as the best time to add fresh ideas in my otherwise busy mind. In short, you end up seeing the word differently.

Weight Loss? Oh Yes!

They say cycling is the best way to work towards a fit body, and who am I to argue. It’s definitely a great workout especially when you have got a hang of it (Tip: If you are a beginner like me, don’t go too fast in the beginning. First enjoy the process, take in the new routine and gradually build your stamina and duration). Also, I have tried walking and jogging in the past, but I end up giving up too fast. I think with cycling, the idea of getting on to your bike, going in different directions, choosing your pace etc. makes it more achievable towards weight loss. Agree?

Be Active Throughout The Day

When your day has started on such a good note, there is no reason that you would let things slow down. Cycling is a great way to boost mental and physical well-being. It may not come to you the very first day, but it will with time. Cycling helps you kickstart your day with a positive, active and a fresh attitude, and you are bound to notice changes in your day-to-day activities.

Bye-Bye Stress

Last and the most important–cycling helps you get over negative thoughts, stress and all the tension you tend to hang on to. It helps you break out from your comfort zone into a healthier and happier space. Little things like focusing on the road, controlling your bike, moving around helps your mind release unnecessary thoughts and absorb natural and positive things instead. Remember, stress is something that is totally in our control. And in order to tune our mind in the right direction, we must engage in activities that make us happy and keep us fresh, not only busy. And cycling is the perfect way to go about this.

So if these benefits and my cycling experience sounds a tad bit exciting, then get, set and paddle… the road ahead is blissful.

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