‘Tis the Season of Festivities

My favourite time of the year is here– It’s Diwali tomorrow and the festive mood, like every year, has kept me in high spirits all through the week. So what is it about this festival that gets me all excited?

Right from exchanging gifts with your dear ones, buying sweets and snacks, lighting up the house, the decorations etc… makes everything about this festival bright and beautiful (I am not into bursting crackers, which for many is the highlight of the festival). Also, I find lighting of diyas (clay oil lamps) immensely peaceful. And not to forget, eating those delicious sweets and snacks (tops my list).

Happy Diwali

The variety of food during Diwali is crazy, especially the sweets. And since I avoid sweets throughout the year, this is the season to go on a binge.

India is known for its amazing variety of sweet delicacies and you’ll see it at its best during Diwali (I wish I had the appetite to taste as much as possible and share the details with you, but maybe in another life. It’s endless.) During Diwali, the local sweet shops remain the busiest. The bakeries too aren’t behind. After all who doesn’t love cookies? The assortment of biscuits, sweets, dry fruits and several other snacks remain the highlight of this festival.

Even though way too many festivals are celebrated throughout the country, there is something incredibly positive and cheerful about Diwali. I feel it’s the idea of sharing, celebration and togetherness that makes it so warm and amazing.

Guys, no matter which part of the world you are in, and what festival you enjoy the most, just make sure you take in all the good that it brings and celebrate the little joys of life. And not to forget, cherish the food.

Have a happy weekend and happy festivals.

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