Make the Jump: There’s No Joy In a Life Full of Regrets

How good are you at taking a decision? Do you factor in all the possibilities, people, commitments, or do you just go for it without a thought? I honestly have no clue which process works the best, but I feel that if you really want something, you must make the jump.

Image by Sasint from Pixabay

Each one of us desires different things in life–whether big or small. And if taking the leap is all that it takes, then why not? I understand that being scared, unsure, nervous are feelings you’re bound to feel, but again… Isn’t that better than a life full of regrets?

Like I always say, you cannot do everything in life, be everywhere you want because no matter what, you will still miss out on something or the other. But if you have a focussed list, are sure of what you want and want it real bad, there should be nothing stopping you.

If you give up because someone in the family isn’t happy, or it will destroy your personal life, will take you away from the city etc. then these are things you have to manage for the choice that you make. Always remember, your choices, making that jump, will come with many compromises and adjustments. But when it is worth taking all the risk and making that commitment, things will work out eventually. And if at all it doesn’t, you won’t live in regret because you took that leap of faith.

Carrying any baggage, whether of a compromised relationship, a socially-necessary friendship, compulsory professional life, forced personal duties etc… is unfair. And so is a life that is full of thoughts of what if, I wish, if only and many other regrets. It’s true that every step in your life may not be your choice– not all of us are that lucky. But if you are getting an opportunity and are burdened by the weight of these baggages, set yourself free and make the jump. It’s never too late to make your life worth it and start living the life you actually want.

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