Winter Is Here: Let’s Warm Up To Some Comfort Food!

Winter is here and it is the time to get cosy, stay warm and bring out those layers of clothing. And as much as I dread the cold, I for one love this season because the clothes help me hide the extra weight I’ve put on during the festive season; I love how warm my bed feels, and this is also the time when I don’t mind a cuddle.

But as always, there has to be that one thing that stands out… Well, it’s the comfort food that makes winters worth all the wait for me.

This year, I opened the winter season with a delicious and creamy bowl of tomato soup and croutons– I have shared my love for soups with you in the past, and winter is perfect for this filling and comforting treat. The fresh tomatoes, herbs and the creamy texture of home-made soup is incomparable.

Home-made Tomato Soup with Croutons

I have always loved having soup, all thanks to my mother who filled my childhood with wonderful soup memories. Every evening at home meant soup time, especially during winters, and I’d love to extend this tradition.

Another favourite of mine during this season is all kinds of vegetables. And before you think I am a vegetarian, let me tell you I am not. But I love my vegetables as much as I love eating meat. And a mix of veggies, especially carrots as they are the best during this season, make for another perfect winter meal. You can have it with rotis (Indian flatbread) or with garlic bread or simply as it is. Season it as per your liking and you have a lovely, colourful plate all set to comfort you during the cold.

PS: It also qualifies as a one-pot meal and will help you cook something quickly without having to stand in the cold. Thank me later! 🙂

Mixed Vegetables

I know that there is a lot more to winters than food, but food is always an important part, no matter what season. So as you welcome winters with all the warmth, make sure you enjoy and cook the food that you crave and love to eat during this time. There is no joy like that of being in a cosy space, eating your comfort food and doing what you love to. Cheers!

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