Can’t Control What’s Happening? Try and Change the Way You Respond to It.

I love watching the show Friends, and you know what I enjoy the most about it? How different situations are handled with a dash of humour and aren’t carried forward for the sake of it. Yes, I know it’s a sitcom and not exactly how life always works, but what’s the harm in opting for a fun alternative to our problems?

Friends, we do take our lives damn seriously, especially at times when there is hardly a problem. Yes, the future is important, but in moving towards it, is it right to ruin the present? It is good to be prepared; all set for troubled times but remember one thing, no matter how ready you are beforehand, life still has the power to throw crazy challenges and shake you completely. So is all the time spent in your planning worth it? Maybe not.

It feels great when you can control things around you and take charge completely. But what if you cannot? Should you embrace your ego and push some more. No! That’s not the way out of a situation and instead you are making things even worse. When you cannot control something, change your approach. Look at the best you can make in that situation and learn from the mistakes, so that nothing of this sort ever happens to you.

If your response to every situation where you falter or cannot control it is worry, then it will only effect your life with all the added tension. Instead, change your attitude and work towards personal development. Become that person who can accept things even if they go haywire and is ready to take up new challenges. Remember, everything cannot always go as planned. So if things are out of control, change your response towards it.

Having a life like the characters in Friends may not be your reality, but adding humour, simplicity, fun and positivity is absolutely doable. So let’s not always be a control freak. Let’s learn to breathe, let go and continue to embrace change whenever needed. Cheers!

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